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Notice of Temporary, Full-time Recreation Program Instructor, Soccer, Job Openings


Recreation Program Instructor, Soccer.


Recreation program instructor, soccer. 6 temporary, full time positions available:  4/1/2023 - 12/1/2023.  Conduct recreation activities with individuals and groups of children in the 3 to 12 year old range at recreation facilities such as outdoor or indoor fields or recreation complexes. Activities are soccer games and programs, aimed at building basic social and gross motor development in children participants. Activities take into account the needs and interests of the participants. Maestro Soccer, LLC, will offer a wage of $18.28 per hour. Full time, 35 Hours/week, typical schedule: Mon, Wed, Fri 11am-1pm & 4:30pm-8:30pm; Tu, Thur 4:30-8:30pm; Sat 9am-1pm & 3-5pm; Sun 1pm-4pm (exact scheduling may shift occasionally). This employer guarantees to pay a wage every workweek during the term of this position for at least 35 hours per week at the rate of at least $18.28 per hour even when and if the employer offers less than 35 hours of work for any such workweek. No OT, no on-job training avail. Travel by car to, and work at, field locations in Middlesex, Somerset, Morris and Union Counties, NJ, Montgomery and Bucks Counties, PA, and Fairfield County, CT, no more than 2 hours drive from Basking Ridge area, NJ, worksite. If employee so chooses, employer provides car use at a charge to the employee, to be deducted from the employee's paycheck, at the rate of $250/biweekly, which covers car use and auto insurance but not gas costs. Workers are encouraged to obtain a driver’s license valid for driving to worksites, however driver’s license is not a requirement for the position because coaches who do not obtain such a license can make carpool arrangements with drivers-licensed existing Maestro staff to get to work sites, splitting car costs proportionately.  Position requires 12 months experience in soccer recreation instruction for ages 12 or under. The employer will make all deductions from the worker’s paycheck required by law.  The employer will provide to the worker, without charge or deposit charge, all tools, supplies, and equipment required to perform the duties assigned.  If the worker completes 50% of the work contract period, employer will reimburse the worker for transportation and subsistence from the place of recruitment to the place of work. Upon completion of the work contract or where the worker is dismissed earlier, employer will provide or pay for worker’s reasonable costs of return transportation and subsistence back home or to the place the worker originally departed to work, except where the worker will not return due to subsequent employment with another employer. The amount of transportation payment or reimbursement will be equal to the most economical and reasonable common carrier for the distances involved. Daily subsistence will be provided at a rate of $14.00 per day during travel to a maximum of $59.00 per day with receipts.  The employer guarantees to offer work for hours equal to at least three-fourths of the workdays in each 12-week period of the total employment period, if the period of employment covered by this job order listing is 120 or more days, or each 6-week period, if the period of employment covered by this job order listing is less than 120 days.  The employer will use a single workweek as its standard for computing wages due.  Employees will be paid every two weeks.  The employer will reimburse the H–2B worker in the first workweek for all visa, visa processing, border crossing, and other related fees, including those mandated by the government, incurred by the H–2B worker (but not including passport expenses or other charges primarily for the benefit of the worker).  Applicants interested in this position should apply to the employer via e-mail with resume at or for additional information regarding the job opportunity may inquire about the job opportunity or send applications, indications of availability, and/or resumes directly to the nearest office of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development One-Stop Career Center at 908-757-9090 or, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor at 717-787-3354 or, or the Connecticut Department of Labor at 860-263-6000 or  If contacting any such Department, specify Job Order Number NJ1481646.

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