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Full 360
Futsal Events

Full 360 Futsal events is entering it's fifth year of operation. Providing competitive games for teams of all levels through the winter months. Each event is one day (Sunday) and guarantees a minimum of 3 games. We host games at multiple locations, but we guarantee that your team will play all their games at one site, generally within a three hour window. Making these events fun, competitive and efficient.

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What is Futsal?

Futsal is FIFA's official indoor soccer game which is, essentially, a scaled down version of outdoor soccer played indoors. It is a small sided game (5v5) played on a hard surface, (think basketball court) with a smaller (size 3-4) weighted ball. The ball is weighted to prevent exaggerated bounces, making it a much more manageable ball for hard surfaces. Futsal is played with touchline boundaries, there are no walls in play. In Futsal, players are constantly reminded to play the same quality control game that is required for success in the outdoor game.

Why Futsal?

Futsal is the only indoor game sanctioned by FIFA. If skills development is important, Futsal is recognized as clearly the best form of indoor soccer. But that's not the only reason.

Better Skills Development - Futsal promotes quality touches that enhances skill development. It is generally a safer game as injuries associated with wall collisions are eliminated. Futsal as a game is also extremely affordable, making it a fun, cost effective way to maintain and enhance soccer skills development through the winter months.

How does Futsal promote better technique?

Just watch Futsal players fight to keep the ball from crossing the touch line and you'll immediately begin to see how Futsal develops skill, control, and technique. A small field ensures players are receiving maximum touches on the ball. There is no escape, no hiding, the match action will find you. Players are constantly under pressure from other players and out-of-play boundaries.  A great first touch, sharp turns, effective shielding and quick accurate passes all become important facets of your Futsal game. Players with the ball must use proper technique to maintain control and must seek out other players in space. 

With Futsal, the emphasis is clearly on control and technique. Without control and technique you cannot expect to succeed in Futsal.

If you are serious about skills and technique development, Futsal is the game for you. Futsal promotes better technique and develops skills more rapidly.

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